OptiClimate - Three-way valve for OptiClimate PRO3 and PRO4

OptiClimate three-way valve 250mm for 3500, 6000 PRO3 and PRO4. This three-way valve for the OptiClimate 3500, 6000 PRO3 and PRO4 should be used within the Dual Room setup: only one OptiClimate will be required to cool two rooms.

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Article number: 1-55

This valve allows cooling in a dual room system, with which a single OptiClimate 2 rooms can be cooled: 12 hours and 12 hours. With this configuration an additional temperature sensor is required, which is also available.

We have two models according to the type of OptiClimate:

- 250mm for OptiClimate 3500 or 6000

- 355mm for OptiClimate 10.000 or 15.000

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