DimLux - Xtreme Series 600W EL UHF Dim Button

The DimLux Xtreme Series 600W EL UHF Dim Button has the highest output and largest dim range of all electronic ballasts. Is stepless dimmable and suitable for 600W 400V EL lamps.

Article number: 2-343

DimLux Expert Series 600W 400V EL UHF Dim Button.

Comes standard with a 0,6 meter Interlink cable. If a longer cable is needed it must be ordered separately, please see: DimLux Interlink cable for DimLux.

In the field of digital ballasts DimLux is the most quiet system, there are hardly any vibrating or buzzing noises and no buzzing and / or chattering noises in the relay can be heard.

The DimLux can be used as normal (digital) ballast in a normal system with relay and timer. However, if the DimLux is used in combination with the DimLux Maxi Controller you will get the maximum performance and can use all the features of the DimLux in its full advantage.

  • Suitable for: Bulbs 600W 400V EL UHF
  • Output: 320-690 Watt
  • Connection: 230V
  • Overdrive: 15%
  • Soft Start: low inrush for use without Maxi Controller and Zero start (no inrush) for use with the Maxi Controller
  • Soft Dim: Yes
  • Dim Button: 8 dim levels and off mode. Can be switched on and off via the Maxi Controller as wel as stepless dimming
  • Ultra High Frequency: Yes
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Yes
  • Including: 4m cable and plug

Dim button with 7 Dim levels and Soft Off:

  • Soft Off
  • 320W
  • 390W
  • 460W
  • 530W
  • 600W
  • 645W Boost
  • 690W Boost 
  • 720W Boost
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