OptiClimate - CO2 generator Biogreen Electronic Natural Gas (NG) 1-4KW

OptiClimate CO2 Generator BioGreen Electronic Natural Gas (NG) 1-4KW. The OptiClimate CO2 generator Biogreen with Pilot Burner and infinitely variable control is suitable for rooms from 4 to 30 m2 and is ideal for use in combination with an OptiClimate.

Article number: 1-290
Quantity: 100

OptiClimate CO2 Generator BioGreen Natural Gas (NG) 1-4KW. The OptiClimate CO2 generator Biogreen comes with a pilot burner. The capacity control is infinitely variable from 0.75 to 4.5 kW. An advantage of the infinitely variable control is that the generator's capacity can be adjusted to the specific requirements  of the room, whereas fixed-capacity generators trigger peaks in the CO2 output.

During the growth period, the pilot burner  supplies just enough CO2 to supplement the CO2 in the growing environment. The generator is suitable for 4 to 30 m2 rooms, depending on the extraction efficiencies. For larger rooms, we recommend that several heaters be used in  different areas of the space, ideally with a CO2 generator for each OptiClimate. The latest model comes with an improved  pilot burner, which does not flicker out, and special mounting brackets for safe floor and wall mounting.

  • Kilowatt: 1 - 4
  • Type of gas: Natural Gas (NG)
  • Auto-Pilot: Pilot Burner
  • Suitable for spaces: 4 - 30 m2
  • Pressure reducing valve needed: No
  • Electronic NG
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