DimLux - DIMLUX 315W Ballast - Exchange ballast including reparation

Article number: D-028159

In the field of digital ballasts, the DimLux is the most silent system, there are little or no vibrant and buzzing sounds and no buzzing and/or rattling relay perceptible when turning on and off.
The Dimlux can be used as a normal (digital) ballast in a normal system with relay and time clock. However, if the DimLux is used in combination with the OptiClimate maxi Controller, the maximal performances and all possibilities of the DimLux can be fully appreciated.


  • Connection: 230V
  • Overdrive: 15%
  • Soft Start: low inrush current with use without Maxi Controller and Zero-Start (no inrush current) with the Maxi Controller
  • Soft Dim: Yes
  • Dim Button: 7 positions and Soft-Off function.
  • Turning on and off and continuous dimming can also be performed through the Maxi Controller
  • Ultra High Frequency: Yes
  • Provided with diagnose displays: Yes
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